Proydom understand the diversity of customers' requirements . To provide the one stop service to customer and reduce the cost of project . ProyDom is dedicated in building very close and strategic partnerships with other manufacturers in China across various industries to blend the entire process of a project into a single, streamlined work flow
ProyDom work with our long-term package partners on various kind of packaging types for our clients.
which include printing gift boxes, clamshell boxes, carton boxes, blister packaging, printing manual, stickers etc.

It's more easier for our clients to be free of talking with many different vendors, help them focusing more on marketing & after-sale services. Quality of clients' product are guaranteed by us from beginning until delivery.
ProyDom work with the third part testing laboratory to certify the products ,and ensure the products can meet the local requirements ,make the marketing more successfully
Logistics is also able to be operated by us. With the convenience of nearby Shenzhen port and HongKong, we have worked with our forwarders to ship a great number of goods to our clients all around the world, both by sea and by air