Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Proydom believes that the perfect product
comes from the professional design of the product, the strict control of the process and the constant demands on itself. This is what proydom has been working to achieve--- bring the perfect product to the customer

what can we offer

Every product is engineered with care and purpose to ensure manufacturability, durability, and seamless user interactions.

Mechanical Engineering

Product part optimization
Ingress Protection(IP) standards compliance
Design for manufacturing (DFM)
Structural analysis and assembly
Design robust enclosures
ISO standard
ProyDom have the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to give you the best industrial design service.

Industrial Design

Color, material and finish (CMF)documentation Photo-realistic product rendering
3D CAD modeling
Mock up and 3D print prototype
Design thinking
ProyDom can provide electrical engineering services for consumer electronics, enterprise B2B, automotive, and other Functional electronic products.

Electrical  Engineering
Printed Circuit Board Design
Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) Design
Compliance Engineering
Component Analysis & Evaluation
Test Planning (Design/Development)
Circuit Design & Analysis
Battery Engineering and Management
APP service
The Flow Of Design & Development & Contract Manufacture